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Two Gates of Sleep



Alistair Banks Griffin's Two Gates of Sleep takes place somewhere in the rural areas of the Louisiana-Mississippi border, where it was filmed. A sparse but composed film, it follows two brothers' attempts to honor their mother's final wishes. Jack (Brady Corbet) and Louis' (David Call) long trek with a coffin seems more inspired by William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying than Homer's Odyssey (which the title references), but there is none of the first person perspective or rich interior dialogue. Like many of Faulkner's backwoods characters, however, the brothers' destitution makes their mission harder, but it doesn't tempt them to abandon their principles. That pride and determination imbue the contemplative and nearly speechless work with a particular beauty and tone. The brothers' inner turmoil is muted, but the film is sustained by a very palpable sense of tension and emotional torment. Griffin grew up in New Orleans and now lives in New York. The film debuted at Cannes in May. Tickets $10, free for Ogden members. — Will Coviello

Dec. 10

Two Gates of Sleep

8 p.m. Friday

Ogden Museum of Southern Art, 925 Camp St., 539-9600;

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