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"Truffles are a fancy, delicious delicacy — some say an aphrodisiac — and, ounce for ounce, the most expensive food in the world. If you go to France and Italy, as we did, you learn quickly that truffles are under siege because they're becoming scarce. They're being trafficked like drugs, stolen by thugs and threatened by inferior imports from China." — 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl, in a recent report on the truffle trade.

  The news program reported that European white truffles fetch prices of $3,600 a pound. In 2010, a single two-pound truffle sold at an auction in Macau for $330,000, according to 60 Minutes. Climate change is affecting production, the show reported, and farm-raised Chinese truffles increasingly are being passed off for wild European product.

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