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Toy Stories: Hi-brow Photos From Low-fi Cameras


It's an exhibition of 36 images by photographers using toy and homemade cameras. Most have imperfections, light leaks and quirky perspectives, but in the hands of these artists they provide us with a unique perspective, a world unsullied by the stultifying constraints of technological precision. Or so goes the theory, and a glance around the gallery reveals that the photos on view " many made with dimestore film cameras as well as at least one pinhole device cobbled from a diaper box " are mostly poetic, edgy and impressionistic. Curator Susan Burnstine, an acclaimed Los Angeles photographer who makes her own cameras and lenses, says of her own work: 'Learning to overcome their extensive limitations required me to rely on instinct and intuition." The same might be said for these photographers' methods as well. — D. Eric Bookhardt Through April 1

New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, 1111 St. Mary St., 610-4899;


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