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Tombs and Thou perform at Neutral Ground

The bands perform June 22



Of all the modifiers used to subdivide and categorize metal, "coffeehouse" somehow got missed. Yet here comes Tombs — Brooklyn's self-disemboweling, re-reincarnating metal-metamorphosis masters, spreading newly sprouted wings on this week's The Grand Annihilation (Metal Blade) — to cap off your cortado with a steaming shot of cyanide. (God help any unsuspecting open-mic night regulars who assume 7 p.m. on a Thursday at an Uptown poetry haven is a safe-enough respite from the darkest vestiges of Hades on earth; they'll be the ones shaking and clutching their knees in the corner.) Granted, Neutral Ground is as far from Starbucks as coffeehouses get. The Danneel Street DIY venue has been presenting live music of all stripes seven days a week for the better part of the past four decades, all free of charge, which is about as punishing a life pursuit as any metal outfit can lay claim to. This saturnalian sunset booking opens with a stress-test sound check by native serpent Thou, a final slither in its hometown hole before hitting the road for a monthlong, nationwide "Friendship Tour." Thou's return engagement will be another early-evening surprise, on July 22 at First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans — a bully pulpit, sure, but you'll have to bring your own java.

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