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Tips for Buying Dietary Supplements


Our experts recommended the following guidelines for buying dietary supplements and herbal products:

· Know your medical history.

· Communicate with your doctor before buying any supplement. Discuss your reasons for wanting the supplement and ask about adverse reactions based on your medical history.

· Understand that ingredients and products in dietary supplements may not have been tested for safety and efficacy.

· Research the supplements you're considering. Use reliable sources; they may prompt questions you should ask your health care professional.

· Don't buy supplements on impulse. Decide what you want before you enter the store.

· Don't shop by price alone. If two products appear identical and one is significantly lower in price, check with a reputable source to determine why.

· Consider the purchase of French and German products; those countries have imposed standards for botanicals.

· In terms of supplements, less is always more. Avoid repetition of ingredients.

· Know why you are buying a product as well as both potential benefits and risks.

· Buy supplements from retailers with a return policy in case you are oversold or have an unsatisfactory result.

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