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Tina Brown Calls Mitch Landrieu 'A Rising National Star'


  Mayor Mitch Landrieu was singled out Sept. 20 in an essay by Tina Brown, the former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker who now publishes her own web newsmagazine, The Daily Beast. In the essay, titled "The Mayors Who Can Revive America," Brown said, "New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu also feels like a rising national star to me," and noted, "In his first 100 days, Landrieu worked to reorganize the dysfunction of the city government, revamping the police department, and stanching the city's bleeding out of a $67.5 million budget shortfall. That's a schedule more ambitious than the first six days of Genesis."

  Brown also contrasted Landrieu's performance to that of "the incompetent showboat Ray Nagin" and "the wingnuts dominating the Tea Party movement" and compared him (favorably) to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Taking a swipe at President Barack Obama, Brown concluded, "But maybe what we need is not to export White House wisdom to the frontlines. Maybe what we need is to import frontline grit into the White House." — Kevin Allman

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