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Tiki Tolteca preview



  Tiki Tolteca (301 N. Peters St., 504-267-4406; reopens July 12, and the bar's juicy, rummy zombie will get a new garnish: a jellied "brain" infused with an ounce of Lemon Hart rum.

  "We're getting straws with spoons at the end, so you can eat the brain," says Nathan Dalton, bar director of Felipe's Taqueria (301 N. Peters St., 504-288-8226; For more than a year, the taqueria's French Quarter location has hosted the tiki bar upstairs.

  The latest renovation doubles the counter space to seat 12 at the bar and adds tables for dinner guests (a food menu is not yet available). Wooden mermaids and other decorations come from Dalton's trips to Peru and Mexico, reflecting a focus on Latin American tiki culture.

  The dozen-strong drinks list will feature a few favorites — besides the zombie, a mezcal-grapefruit escorpion punch and the curacao-spiked mai tai — but most will be new creations relying on Latin American ingredients.

  Look for ¡A Huevo!, an eggy, pisco-passion fruit sipper (based on an ancient Peruvian fertility drink); the rum-based SOS, rounded out with fortified grape juice from Peru (a recipe written by Tiki Tolteca manager Maxton Kennedy); and a flight of mini cocktails and fruits served with red "miracle berries" that turn sour flavors sweet.

  In the tiki bar tradition there's an illustrated menu, and an extra $7 lets patrons keep a glass.

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