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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down


"With Love From NOLA" was organized quickly by local restaurants to provide immediate financial help to Houston hospitality workers affected by Hurricane Harvey. On Aug. 29, more than two dozen New Orleans restaurants accepted gift cards to be dis-tributed to servers and others who need immediate help. "There are more than 10,000 restaurants in Houston," organizers wrote. "We want to return the hospitality we received after Hurricane Katrina."


Tim Worstall, a contributor to, advanced a particularly noxious libertarian argument in a column titled "Hurricane Harvey is When We Need Price Gouging, Not Laws Against It," and using bottled water as an example. Worstall wrote, "Allowing prices to rise in the aftermath of a disaster does ex- actly what we want to happen. ... My own version of dealing with price gougers would be to thank them for the good work they're doing." The column was taken offline after furious reaction.


The Weather Channel produced a report in advance of Hurricane Harvey stating, inaccurately, "New Orleans Now Plans to Evacuate for Rain Events." Viewers who paid attention got the correct information — that the city would consider some evacuations if more than 12 inches of rain was forecast to fall within 24 hours — but the scaremongering title suggested to the nation that New Orleans would evacuate for any rain event.

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