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Thee Oh Sees


John Dwyer has scores of fans who have no idea what he actually sounds like. Fronting San Francisco obscurantists Coachwhips (2001-2005), force-feeding listeners speedballs of distorted garage rock and four-chord blues punk, Dwyer might as well have been squealing in pig Latin. Definite English words emerge from skittish-invasion sequel Thee Oh Sees, but they're often rendered in a fried, froggy delivery and regurgitated in echo by Brigid Dawson, Dwyer's Grace Slicked female double. (Picture Quintron and Miss Pussycat huffing helium and doing doughnuts on a London roundabout in a paisley-covered Mini Cooper.) If reverb is Thee Oh Sees' drug of choice, then May release Castlemania (In the Red) — the front half of a 2011 double feature, to be followed by November's Carrion Crawler/The Dream — opens in rehab: "I Need Seed" employs an acoustic guitar and an unprocessed vocal that may or may not be Dwyer's speaking voice; it could also be the Lollipop Guild adapting Tintern Abbey's "Beeside." But it's not long before he's hopped back off the wagon — and the rails. Total Control, Dead People and Nervous Juvenile open. Tickets $7. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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