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The Tale of Two Cities — New Orleans, Louisiana, and Cork, Ireland: Photographs by Malcolm McClay and Harry Moore


Though it's called The Tale of Two Cities, the main thing New Orleans and Cork, Ireland, have in common is unprecedented change over the past several years — and water, lots of water. Once poor, Cork experienced an economic boom and became unexpectedly rich, while New Orleans, once among the richest of cities, experienced catastrophic storms and widespread flooding. Harry Moore's pinhole photographs are poetic portraits of Cork's bridges, monuments to the continuity of time and tide. Northern Ireland native and New Orleans resident Malcolm McClay photographed houses such as 6030 St. Anthony (pictured) raised high above their original foundations, then had their owners inscribe their experiences in flowing script, a cursive tide of ink denoting the spirit that rises to meet all challenges. — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through Dec. 6

Barrister's Gallery, 2331 St. Claude Ave., 525-2767;

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