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The Rockmore Collection: Newly Discovered Paintings by Noel Rockmore


Noel Rockmore was the French Quarter's Toulouse-Lautrec, a debauched genius in wraparound shades. Despite his louche lifestyle, he had a great pedigree, having had his first solo museum show at the Metropolitan in his native New York at the tender age of 24. His works also appeared at the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, yet fame and fortune eluded him. His death at 67 in 1995 went all but unnoticed outside New Orleans, yet he did have some fervent collectors, including Shirley Marvin, whose son Rich discovered more than 1,200 Rockmores in her undamaged storage unit after Katrina. Since then, Rich Marvin and his wife Tee have made it their mission to reintroduce the art world to the troubled genius through a nationwide series of exhibitions, including this one at Bryant " a gesture Rockmore would no doubt toast from his bar stool in the hereafter. — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through April

Bryant Galleries, 321 Chartres St., 598-6460;


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