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The Revivalists: a very good year

The band closes out its biggest year yet at The Orpheum on New Year’s Eve



Though most New Year's resolutions involve some betterment pledge, The Revivalists might decide not to tempt fate and just leave well enough alone. The New Orleans ensemble's banner 2016 hit its zenith with a Billboard No. 1 for "Wish I Knew You" (Adult Alternative, but hey, No. 1 is No. 1) in between a siege of daytime (Today) and late-night (Conan) talk shows. If a beaming Twitter pic with Ellen DeGeneres and a chart-topping single with 8 million Spotify streams is your baseline for success, you're setting yourself up for failure. But the band — a seven-piece led by Ohio-born soul man David Shaw, backed by a seamless team of Tulane and Loyola alumni (and musical Swiss Army Knife Michael Girardot on trumpet/keys/smiles) — is on a broader three-year streak: signing to Wind-up Records and breaking out nationally in 2013-14 before Men Amongst Mountains' blastoff in 2015. This New Year's Eve show caps a fall/winter tour modestly dubbed "Strangers in the Bright Lights," a title obviously chosen well before the hullabaloo began. They have a whole year to come up with something cockier. Tickets $39.50-$100.

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