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While the Greens and Libertarians are by far the most prominent "third" parties in the United States and in Louisiana, they are not the only ones.

Reform Party
The vehicle for Ross Perot in the 1990s, the Reform Party is the only other "third" party registered in Louisiana alongside the Greens and Libertarians. Technically, more than 1,000 Louisianans are still registered with the Reform Party, but the party's website has not been updated since 2011, no local chapters are listed, and an email to their Louisiana representative was returned as undeliverable.

A measure to create "Independent" as an official party registration in Louisiana — as opposed to "Other" or "No Party" — failed for the second time earlier this year. In California, many voters who thought they were registering as independents mistakenly registered for the conservative American Independent Party, which may exclude them from voting in next month's Democratic primary.

Peace and Freedom
A socialist, anti-war party with origins in the 1960s. Comedian Roseanne Barr won 67,000 votes as its nominee in 2012.

Constitution Party
The third-largest "third" party, and like the Greens and Libertarians, Constitution party nominee Virgil Goode was listed on 26 state ballots in 2012, enough to have plausibly won 270 electoral votes. With a platform heavy on social conservatism issues important to the religious right, it might appeal to some parts of Louisiana, but is not currently listed as an official party in the state

Justice Party
Organized in 2011 around the issue of economic injustice, Justice Party candidate and former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson won the right to have his name on the ballot in 15 states in 2012. The party's only involvement in the 2016 campaign is a possible endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

A term brought back into vogue by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign, socialists in the United States are split among a number of different parties. The most popular of these in the 2012 election, the Party of Socialism and Liberation, ran 28-year-old activist Peta Lindsay, who garnered 8,000 votes nationally from the 13 states where she was listed despite being too young to take office.

Working Families
Another progressive party active in New York politics. And then there's the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, also in New York, with no known New Orleans affiliate despite the increasingly apt name.

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