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The number of New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) officers who will be newly deployed on neighborhood patrols.




At a press conference last week, New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison announced he would redeploy nearly 100 NOPD personnel to the streets in an attempt to stem the city's violent crime rate. Harrison said he would reassign desk duties, bring in officers from nondistrict assignments and overhaul the city's Quality of Life program to get more cops on the street. NOPD also is looking to hire an unspecified number of part-time officers, a process that will begin in the next few weeks.

  Harrison cited a departmental review by Berkshire Advisors that said the extra cop power on the streets should allow NOPD to answer 90 percent of emergency calls in 7 minutes or less. Last year, WWL-TV and The New Orleans Advocate analyzed more than 3 million emergency calls and found the average response time to urgent "Code 2" calls to be 20 minutes.

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