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The New Pornographers and Waxahatchee perform at Tipitina's May 3

Neko Case and company return to New Orleans



Several brave souls have dared to share microphones with Neko Case over her storied career, but none so often — and with so much fanfare — as Allan Carl "A.C." Newman. (We'll give k.d. lang time.) The primary New Pornographer has held his own, too, despite being the third most distinctive voice in his own band. (Dan Bejar, whose rationed cuts are really just Destroyer songs that wandered onstage, is on hiatus due to scheduling conflicts with that band.) The first three New Porno LPs redefined power pop for the 21st century, culminating in the sweeping assault of 2005's Twin Cinema, on which Newman and Case volley melodies like Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. After two humdrum releases, the group regained super status on 2014's Brill Bruisers, showing off a new-wave drive and an electronic sheen that owes a spiritual debt to "Your Control," a 2008 Case-backed powerhouse by Eric Bachmann's Crooked Fingers — likely her finest duet outside Newman's familial circle. (Again, give k.d. lang time.) Without Bejar's scenery chewing, the new Whiteout Conditions (self-released on their own Collected Works imprint) confirms the pair's limelight return, most tracks fusing their voices into one harmonic roundhouse kick: "Play Money" allows Case 90 spotlit seconds to herself before Newman joins in the swooning, synth-frosted fun. The title track flips the script with equal success, Newman's buoyant verses leading into Case's anchoring chorus. Advance single "High Ticket Attractions," meanwhile, is a most-welcome Mass Romantic flashback, another love-love staredown between two of the best in the game. Waxahatchee (aka Alabamian outsider Katie Crutchfield), whose forthcoming July album Out in the Storm (Merge) looms like a cracked cocoon, opens. Tickets $30.50 in advance, $33 day of show.

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