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The National World War II Museum presents "The War that Changed the World"


The National World War II Museum (formerly the National D-Day Museum) is hosting a conference that will feature speeches and panel discussions by politicians, historians, veterans and many special guests. Speakers include Walter Cronkite, George McGovern, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, filmmaker Ken Burns, who will preview his World War II documentary, and many others. A special portion of the conference is Memorial Hall, a series of 14 panel discussions featuring veterans talking about their experiences in some of the war's most important battles, little known aspects, and the war effort back home. This is a rare forum to hear personal accounts of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the invasion of Normandy, the work of Native American "Code Talkers," Rosie the Riveter workers, Tuskeegee Airmen, prisoners of war, Holocaust survivors and others affected by the war. (Pictured is a C-47 plane that flew over Normandy during the invasion and was recently acquired by the museum). The Memorial Hall events are free but registration is required, either via the Web site or by calling (800) 258-8830. Ticket prices vary for other speeches, panel discussions and events. See the Web site for a full list of events and to register. -- Will Coviello

Thu.-Sat., Nov. 16-18

The National World War II Museum, 945 Magazine St., 527-6012;


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