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Sen. Mary Landrieu’s latest TV ads feature former Mayor Moon Landrieu

Landrieu goes home in new ads



  Sen. Mary Landrieu took some heat last month for a TV ad in which she reenacted a moment from a Senate energy committee hearing (complete with onscreen graphics that looked a lot like those used by WWL-TV). The Landrieu campaign said it had recreated the moment because Congressional rules forbid the use of footage from committee hearings in campaign ads. Nevertheless, a state conservative group, Keep Louisiana Working, immediately countered with a six-figure ad buy for a spot called "Actress Mary," which slammed her for the practice.

  Landrieu's latest ads, "Father/Daughter," which were filmed in her childhood home in New Orleans, take a new tack. The senator engages in some banter with her father, former Mayor Moon Landrieu, who calls his daughter "hardheaded" ("Dad, you're one to talk," she replies). Moon Landrieu goes on to laud his daughter's work on the proposed Keystone oil pipeline and financial advocacy for Louisiana after the BP oil disaster.

  A second ad (which has not aired locally yet), begins with the senator saying "I'm Mary Landrieu and I approved this message." Her father asks, "Don't you say that at the end?" to which she replies with a smile, "You can start with it. I'm not so sure I want to approve at the end of this."

  So far Keep Louisiana Working hasn't had a formal response to this more homespun campaign, but the group may yet have a chance. Both Moon/Mary ads end with the words, "To be continued."

Watch the latest ad:

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