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The Kills

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It takes until "Wild Charms" — four tracks and 16 minutes into 2011's Blood Pressures (Domino) — before you're fully aware the Kills have a male component. No offense to Jamie Hince, who provides quietly effective backup vocals and cattle-prod guitars throughout the band's leathered fourth record; the heat emanating from mic-melter Alison Mosshart is just that hot. Hince's time to shine lasts only 74 seconds before the drum clacks of "DNA" wrap listeners back up in Mosshart's strangulating embrace. It's a familiar web: When you've spent the past three years jacking Jack White's spotlight, a wallflower like Hince is easy prey. Mosshart's center-stage antics in the outsized Dead Weather — pouncing on her keyboard, whipping her hair like cattails — paint her as White's chromosomal alter ego. On Pressures' air-raid opener "Future Starts Slow" and hair-raising, choked-blues closer "Pots and Pans," she's even more in control: lying in wait, glaring up through her eyelids, piquing every syllable of the invitation "You can blow what's left of my right mind," the line between permission and submission permanently blurred. Jeff the Brotherhood and Hunters open. Tickets $22. — NOAH BONAPARTE PAIS


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