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The Honorable South


Something jarring, telling and mildly hilarious happens when sampling the Honorable South's music on MySpace. The online relic and antisocial network is, along with YouTube, still among the best legal venues for hearing any band on the planet for free, and to compete with Pandora (or Pandora circa 2001), it recently added a radio feature that spins RIYLs ("recommended if you like") after your selection stops. For a genre hopscotch like the Honorable South, this can make for strange bedfellows; one particularly bizarre mp3-some threw together hammy string band Old Crow Medicine Show, Grey's Anatomy antimatter Ingrid Michaelson and Great White Northerner Gordon Lightfoot. MySpace would do better with a Dark Side of the Moon/The Wizard of Oz mashup of Modest Mouse's The Lonesome Crowded West and OutKast's Stankonia. That's a better genealogy for "Bullets," the hottest shot off the New Orleans quintet's 2009 EP, Dirty in the Light, which uses Isaac Brock's yap-king scrapes to slap Andre 3000's rap-rawk wanderings into shape. That it's fronted by Charm Taylor, a young black woman who answers to "Ms." and commands your attention like a poetry-slam snapdragon, only makes poor MySpace's attempts at taxonomy more specious. Best just to consider it a category of one. The Honorable South unveils its self-released debut LP, I Love My Tribe, at this in-store performance. Free admission. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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