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The Fratellis


Coming across as a goofy hybrid of soccer hooligans and post-post-British Invasion glam rockers, the Glaswegian trio the Fratellis seem as if they would be equally comfortable dusting their lashes with glitter a la Marc Bolan or getting into a good-natured row over football after a pint or six down at the pub " or possibly both at the same time. The group busted onto the U.K. charts in 2006 with its brash and melodic debut Costello Music, a big, bombastic power-pop record full of guitar mayhem and sloppy good cheer. Eschewing the witty art-school snark and hipsterism of previous exports like Franz Ferdinand, Art Brut and the Libertines, the Fratellis stand as a Brit-rock version of good ol' boys, too well chuffed at the fun of rock stardom to bother with ennui, wry turns of phrase, self-destruction or fancy haircuts. Even their skinny jeans look loose enough to be comfy. The group's latest, this year's Here We Stand (Interscope), is blearier, soaked in Oasis-style fuzz and less of an all-out rave-up than the debut, but it is still — in its hungover blur — packed with sing-along-catchy hooks. Airborne Toxic Event and Electric Touch open. Tickets $15. — Fensterstock

8:30 p.m. Thu., Sept. 25

The Parish at the House of Blues, 225 Decatur St., 310-4999;


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