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The Evolution of Home Waste Management

New disposal cuts down on chicken bones and clean-up time



With Mardi Gras behind us and spring fast approaching, the season for large-scale entertaining — think crawfish boils, barbecues and pool parties — has only just begun. True to New Orleans style, these festivities mean the consumption of large quantities of food and, as a host or hostess, a lot of prep time in the kitchen.

Having a disposal system accelerates the cleanup process and eliminates potentially smelly garbage so you can better enjoy your time with family, friends and guests.

InSinkErator, the world's largest manufacturer of garbage disposals for home and commercial use, recently released the new Evolution Excel, putting a new spin on at-home waste management. With Excel's three-stage grinding system and "sound seal" technology, you can toss anything from chicken and rib bones to potato peels, corncobs and fruit rinds down the drain, and there's a 60 percent reduction in noise compared to standard disposals.

The Evolution Excel boasts more strength than any other disposal, with a 1 horsepower "dura-drive" induction motor and "jam-sensor" circuit that automatically increases torque to grind through tough jams. Its 40-oz. stainless steel chamber also holds a higher volume of waste than regular disposals.

A division of Emerson, InSinkErator has been in the disposal business for 79 years. The company strives to be environmentally conscientious and promotes the ecological benefits of an at-home disposal system. For instance, when food waste is dumped into landfills, bacteria and other harmful organisms can seep into the ground and contaminate nearby water supplies. With a disposal, finely ground food particles are flushed through your sewage system where they can be properly converted into energy or agricultural fertilizers at wastewater treatment facilities — a sound ecological alternative.

According to Louis Bienvenu of Bienvenu Brothers Plumbing in Metairie, however, it's the significant reduction of noise that makes the Excel a favorite among his customers.

"They really are very quiet," Beinvenu says of the disposal unit. "We've been installing InSinkErator products for years and have had no complaints from our customers. It's just a quality brand."

That said, Bienvenu warns that while the installation instructions may seem fool-proof, it's smart to get a professional for the job. "You probably won't have trouble with the product itself, but it's the discharge piping and the way people handle it that can cause problems."

There are a variety of available accessories for the Excel, such as a jam-buster wrench, replaceable baffle collars and custom color sink stoppers available in stainless steel, polished brass, white and biscuit. The disposal also comes with a sink-top alternative to the standard wall switch, a dishwasher connector kit and perhaps most important, a seven-year in-home service warranty. The Excel is available at Home Depot and Lowe's for $299.


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