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The Evens


"Even" is no misnomer for this even-tempered Washington, D.C., two-piece featuring Fugazi/Minor Threat/Teen Idles frontman Ian MacKaye and drummer Amy Farina of the Warmers. Quiet and precise, the Evens' simple songs cover subject matter such as the role of law enforcement and what it means to live in a community, but do so in a way that feels more like the beginnings of an intimate conversation than a traditional in-your-face punk anthem. Sure, lyrics such as 'The police will not be excused / The police will not behave" could easily be slapped into some raging, mosh-pit screamer, but this hushed-down version of punk, carried by just the duo's voices, Farina's drums and MacKaye's baritone guitar, stands as a reminder that if your convictions are strong, you needn't go screaming them at everyone. The performance is a benefit for Nowe Miasto, a Mid-City housing co-op that was flooded badly after the storm. For information, call Brice White at 451-3693. The show begins promptly at 8 p.m. $5 donation. " Ethan Clark

8 p.m. Thu., Nov. 15

223 Jane Place


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