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The Edge of the Edge : Hijack and Heron at Sidearm Gallery


Sidearm Gallery is an intimate space for dance performance and will be full of interesting collaborations between New York modern dance scene veteran Scott Heron and Hijack, the Minneapolis duo of Arwen Wilder and Kristin Van Loon. This program includes a cerebral exploration of space in "Speculum" (pictured), a piece about distance and observation in such relationships as spying, portrait painting and intrusion of privacy. Other dances juxtaposing successful and flawed communication include "Eulogy for John Kerry" and "Stacked Double Cow." Shows also feature pieces by guest local dancers Tsunami Dance/Kettye Volz (Saturday performance) and The Teacup Tragedies (Friday and Sunday performances). Heron performed many critically acclaimed dances and commissioned pieces in New York's modern dance scene. Hijack was formed in 1993 and has performed in more than 50 venues nationally and internationally. Tickets $10. -- Will Coviello

8 p.m. Fri.-Sun., Nov. 17-19

Sidearm Gallery, 1122 St. Roch Ave., 218-8379;


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