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The Detonations


The New Orleans three-piece gale force rock maelstrom that was the Detonations was a casualty of Katrina, which blew frontman John Henry and drummer Keith Herrera to Los Angeles and New Mexico, respectively, for keeps. (Guitarist Julien Fried remains in the Ninth Ward, where he plays with gritty garage-rockers the Black Rose Band.) The trio had released their first LP, Static Vision, in 2005, produced by Jerry Teel of Funhouse Studios fame. It was a ferocious, high-speed collection of dangerous, noisy art-punk, with its signature stamped on the sound by John Henry's Telecaster hybrid guitar/bass device, making it sound like music made by a street gang populated by sullen, sexy teenage robots. Damaged and infectiously danceable, this one-off Mardi Gras reunion show will be a chemical burn. The Detonations share the bill with Viva L'American Death Ray Music, another gang of spooky, supercharged oddballs whose sound penetrates ears like mechanical fingers into flesh. Redd Tape, a Viva L'American Death Ray Music side project will play a 30-minute set of pure noise. The Microshards, a local one-man, punk-electro, fully machine-made spectacle of strange sounds and thumping rhythm, also opens. -- Alison Fensterstock

10 p.m. Fri., Feb. 16

Circle Bar, 1032 St. Charles Ave., 588-2616


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