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The count: what you'll pay to cross the Causeway beginning May 6




If you frequently cross Lake Pontchartrain by way of the Causeway and keep putting off purchasing a toll tag, now's the time. Starting May 6, tolls at the north end of the Causeway at Mandeville will jump from $3 to $5 per crossing, while toll tag prices will have a more modest hike — from $2 to $3 per crossing. (Accessing the Causeway on the south shore, in Metairie, will continue to be free.)

  The increase will pay for new safety features, according to Causeway officials — including higher rails and six shoulders on each side of the bridge. A bill by state Rep. Paul Hollis, R-Covington, could stall things if it passes; Hollis is calling for "an objective analysis," saying the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission hasn't proved the new features will improve safety.

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