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The count: Trump's approval rating in Lousiana

58 percent



SOURCE: University of New Orleans Survey Research Center.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP GOT 58 PERCENT OF LOUISIANA'S VOTE in last year's presidential election — and while his national approval rating is 35 percent (according to a Quinnipiac survey last week), people in the Pelican State think he's doing a good job. The University of New Orleans Survey Research Center conducted a March 21 phone poll of 740 Louisianans who voted in the November 2016 election, and 58 percent of voters approved of his performance at that time.

  "There appears to be a gender gap in the president's approval rating," the survey noted, "as two-thirds of men, compared to half of women, give Trump positive marks for his job performance. The poll also indicates there is a wide divide between whites and blacks in how the president is evaluated. In fact, perceptions of the president's job performance are mirror images, as 71 percent of whites rate him positively while 70 percent of blacks rate him negatively."

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