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The count: the number of states that raised their minimum wage as of 2017




Louisiana is one of only five states with no minimum wage law of its own, observing only the $7.25 federal minimum wage for non-tipped workers. (Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee are the other four.)

  As of Jan. 1, however, 19 states raised their minimum wages, either by legislative means, ballot initiatives or previously agreed-to cost-of-living hikes. The states with the highest mandated minimum wage are Massachusetts and Washington ($11 per hour), while Washington D.C. stands at $11.50, higher than any state. California, Connecticut, Arizona and Vermont are the four other states where minimum wage is $10 per hour or higher, though some cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle have enacted minimum wage laws higher than that of the rest of their state.

  Gov. John Bel Edwards supports a minimum wage hike in Louisiana (in 2016, he backed a bill by State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson to raise it to $8.50 by 2018), but minimum-wage bills traditionally have been a non-starter in the state legislature. This leaves Louisiana in the minority; as of the first of the year, 29 states and Washington D.C. have enacted higher minimum wages than that specified by federal law.

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