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The count: summer nights that didn’t fall below 80 degrees

43 — the previous record was 13



Source: The Washington Post

IF YOU'RE WEARY OF SUMMER HEAT, you have a particularly good reason this year. In an average summer, according to the Southern Regional Climate Center, New Orleans usually has just 2.1 nights where the overnight temperature doesn't drop below 80 degrees, and some years the total is zero. In 2010 and 2011 New Orleans had 13 and 12 nights, respectively, where the mercury didn't dip below 80. Those were big outliers — until the summer of 2016, with a whopping 43 nights of 80-degree-plus temperatures. So if your energy bill spiked even more than usual from June through September, here's the reason why: Your house never got the chance to cool off.

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