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The Count: state tax credits offered to producers of Deepwater Horizon

$37 million



Deepwater Horizon — Peter Berg's disaster film about the 2010 oil rig explosion that killed 11 men — is set for release later this month. Last week, film industry insider outlet Deadline reported the film's producers benefited from more than $37 million from Louisiana's film tax credit program, reported under the headline "Louisiana Sends Dollars To 'Deepwater Horizon' Disaster Flick As Charities And Feds Hunt Money For Disaster Aid," in the wake of flooding in August. According to Deadline, producers could reap $32 million if they choose to sell those credits back to the state at 85 percent of their value. In exchange, shooting the film created or supported 2,500 jobs. Nearly 11,000 people have signed an online petition asking the filmmakers to "direct some of the film's proceeds to nonprofit groups in the Gulf working to help people and the environment recover from BP's damage."

"Such are the breaks of the film incentives game, which sometimes has a way of taking money from those in need and sending it — at the least opportune moment — to others who need or want it for purposes of their own," Deadline's Michael Cieply wrote.

Louisiana Film Entertainment Association President Robert Vosbein told WWL-TV last month that film production in the state may be off by as much as 70 to 80 percent compared to 2015.

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