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The Count: police departments participating in a federally backed open data program 21


The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) unveiled its latest open-data website — — as it ends its weekly, public COMSTAT meetings and moves to MAX, or Management Analytics for Xcellence. The move follows NOPD's participation in the White House's Police Data Initiative, intended to offer a window into police data nationwide. MAX offers a "dive deep" into criminal justice with monthly reviews in each district.   With MAX and NOPDNews, NOPD presents "real-time" progress reports, response times and crime statistics, as well as compliance updates with the U.S. Department of Justice consent decree. "This will make us accountable, transparent, responsible and the best department we can possibly be," NOPD Chief Michael Harrison said in an Oct. 6 statement.   With its launch last week, the data reveals some errors (the website lists only 58 murders so far this year — there have been 131, at press time) and obvious points of concern — response times average 20 minutes despite a 7-minute goal.   "It's clearly not PR-driven," says crime analyst Jeff Asher. "There are going to be things in here that are not going to be the flashiest or reflect the best crime stats, going forward. ... But it's a step towards, 'When things are bad, let people know things are bad and what we're working towards.'" — ALEX WOODWARD

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