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The count: percentage of black women in Louisiana living below the poverty line

31.3 percent



SOURCE: Institute for Women's Policy Research.

A report released last week from the nonpartisan Institute for Women's Policy Research revealed troubling data about the economic and social challenges facing black women in Louisiana. Among its other findings:

  • Black women in Louisiana (and Mississippi) make less money that anywhere else in the country. In 2014, their median annual earnings were just $25,000. The median income for women nationwide was $38,000.

  • Louisiana, Massachusetts and Minnesota have the nation's highest percentages of black women employees in service occupations. Only 28.3 percent of black women in Louisiana worked in (better-paid) managerial or professional occupations.

  • The report did note Louisiana is the country's fourth-best state for black women business owners; a bright spot in an otherwise-dismal accounting.

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