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The count: New Orleans' ranking on a list of 75 'best metros for millennials'




Source: Apartment List

In a report last week from the website Apartment List that surveyed 75 U.S. metro areas, New Orleans ranked near the bottom of the nation's "Best Metros for Millennials." According to the analysis, New Orleans was ranked 61st out of 75 possible areas studied based on scores related to its job market, affordability and livability. The city's worst ranking was its livability score (based on a rental satisfaction survey of factors including weather, crime, parks, nightlife and opportunities to date and make friends), where it ranked 62nd out of 75 areas. The New Orleans job market ranked 60th out of 75 areas.

  Nevertheless, according to an Urban Land Institute population growth study, the city remains one of the country's most popular destinations for millennials to move to.

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