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The count: How much salaried Louisiana workers could see in their paychecks under proposed Senate bill

$13.9 million



Source: Economic Policy Institute

A group of U.S. senators hopes to enshrine labor rules from former President Barack Obama's administration that protected salaried workers' eligibility for overtime pay. The U.S. Department of Labor under President Donald Trump rolled back those rules, which set a minimum salary threshold to $47,476, up from from $23,660, bumping salaries for millions of workers who otherwise were potentially losing out on time and a half.

  That rule was blocked in federal district court, but a group of Democratic members of Congress (U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown and Patty Murray and Reps. Bobby Scott and Mark Takano) hope to reintroduce those rules via the Restoring Overtime Pay Act of 2017. The proposed law would set the salary level for exemption back to 2016 rules. According to the Economic Policy Institute, relying on a report from the Department of Labor's impact study of the overtime rules, lower- and moderate-income earners could see $1.2 billion in their paychecks each year under the proposed law.

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