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The count: how much New Orleans owes to some drivers who got red light camera tickets

$28 million



Whether you think traffic cameras are a public safety matter or a municipal cash grab (or both), you may be entitled to a refund if you got a camera ticket between January 2008 and November 2011 — the period of time when the cameras were run by the Department of Public Works, which later was found to violate the city's home rule charter.

  Robert Burns, an ad hoc judge of the Orleans Parish Civil District Court, ruled earlier this month that fines collected during that time should be returned — a total of about $28 million. Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration likely will appeal the ruling.

  Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell has said her administration, which takes office in May 2018, will remove the cameras while it conducts a study about their real benefits for public safety.

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