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The Chuck Dukowski Sextet at Dragon's Den


Chuck Dukowski has the best Carnival costume ever: Chuck Dukowski. Sometime on Tuesday afternoon, the SoCal punk rock icon will thumb the throbbing bass opener to one of his regular set pieces, "My War," and — for four minutes, at least — Black Flag will rise above the Faubourg Marigny for Mardi Gras. It won't be Henry Rollins screaming the paranoid anthem; those screeds now fall to Dukowski's wife, Lora Norton, with whom the SST cofounder has forged another, more literal kind of family band. Backed by eldest son Milo Gonzalez on guitar, Dukowski and Norton touch on a bit of everything as the leaders of the Chuck Dukowski Sextet, from melodic hard rock to psychedelic drifters, acoustic folk lullabies and punishing electric freak-outs. Last year's Haunted (ORG) belongs to no decade or genre in particular: Norton's bipolar vocals swing from hippie mystic to viciously barbed, and Gonzalez picks and shreds with equivalent aplomb. Oddly, Dukowski himself is mostly buried in the mix, but he gets a few showcase moments. "Nothing Left" gives him 30 seconds alone at the beginning, a walking-bass warmup; and "Slow Bullet" plays out that opener in reverse, an atonal crawl that sounds like it's dripping down a wall. Secret Society in Smaller Lies, Dummy Dumpster, High and Scarecrow Sonic Boombox open. Call for ticket information. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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