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Preview: The Breeders

Noah Bonaparte Pais on Kim and Kelley Deal, winding down their tour at One Eyed Jacks Dec. 29



As any devoted reader of "Breeder's Digest" ( knows, sisters Kim and Kelley Deal booked the penultimate gig of their Last Splash 20th anniversary tour for New Orleans — No. 57 out of a 58-date world tour that stretches back to May, when Kim was busy getting not one band back together, but two. She quashed the Pixies a month later, flying home from Wales in the middle of recording sessions and effectively putting to bed a nearly 10-year second run that felt less like a reunion than a never-ending fling. (The fact that it eclipses the band's initial go is harder to believe.) With the Pixies on to its third replacement — Simon Archer stepped in for the new EP-1, and Kim Shattuck's three-month stint ended in November, succeeded by Paz Lenchantin — it should surprise no one that breaking up with Kim's bass is hard to do. That's particularly true when the woman perhaps best suited for the job, Josephine Wiggs, is otherwise engaged, reprising her original role as a weapon of mass destruction (along with drummer Jim Macpherson) on bass-licked encores of "Divine Hammer" and "Cannonball." If that's guaranteed the loudest ovation, "New Year" and "Saints" won't be far behind. Mahayla and DJ Gris Gris open. Tickets $32.

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