The Big Chill

You can have love, you can keep your money -- when summer comes, it's air conditioning we want. From central air to window units, from frosty movie theaters to icy blasts from the dashboard of a properly tuned automobile, we seek coolness in all its forms.

In this issue, we salute our summertime obsession. Eileen Loh Harrist spends an afternoon with Neil, who after 20 years of repair work refuses to touch another air conditioner. He tells us why fixing a friend's AC is even more aggravating than owning and operating the Saturn Bar. Bunny Matthews draws out the history of air conditioning, and Shala Carlson revisits Henry Miller's classic American travelogue The Air-Conditioned Nightmare. Finally, Constance Adler phones up a man who invented a method of bringing your air conditioner outdoors.

When you're done with these stories, you can fold up Gambit Weekly and use it as a fan. Whatever you do, just keep your cool.

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