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The Bible, The Complete Word of God (Abridged)


As you will learn later in this section in Dalt Wonk's recap of lives in the theater but not in New Orleans, the Skyfire gets a big knock on wood for the good luck it had for being able to come back so quickly from The Hurricane Whose Name We Don't Speak and get productions going again by teaming our very own version of Hope & Crosby, Sean Patterson and Gary Rucker, in its recent mounting of Greater Tuna . What, you missed it? Stuck out in Lafayette, were ya? Couldn't make the commute from Houston? No sweat; Patterson and Rucker have decided to keep the ball rolling by bringing back Le Petit's presentation of The Bible , whose run was interrupted at the very end by that little rainchild. Patterson (right) and Rucker (middle) are here to say it's not nice for the weather to mess with God though we're not sure who was messing with whom in presenting this playful satire of The Word. Rucker returns as director; Robert Richardson (left) co-stars. Tickets $20.

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