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American Humane Association,
a national organization focused on preventing cruelty to children and animals, helped transport the pets of those who used the city-assisted evacuation plan for Hurricane Gustav. AHA delivered the animals out of harm's way to a shelter in Shreveport in refrigerated tractor-trailers, and later brought 250 to 300 dogs and cats back to New Orleans so they could be reunited with their families. All of the animals made both trips safely and comfortably.

The University of New Orleans
is celebrating 50 years of providing higher education in the City of New Orleans. The university, originally called Louisiana State University in New Orleans, first opened its doors on Sept. 5, 1958, with 63 faculty members and 1,460 incoming freshmen. It was the first public university in Louisiana to welcome all races from its inception. The university officially changed its name in 1974. Today, close to 12,000 students are taught by 599 faculty members at UNO.

Louisiana's Department of Social Services
botched a federally funded emergency food stamp program for evacuees. Many applicants reported to a program intake center in eastern New Orleans on Tuesday, but the center quickly closed because of inadequate staffing. The applicants were told to return to the center the next day; many did, taking time from their jobs to do so. Unfortunately, they weren't told the department had decided to move the intake center downtown.

Southern Scrap Material Co.
was determined by the Coast Guard to be responsible for 70 vessels that were loose in the Industrial Canal during Hurricane Gustav. The vessels, which are supposed to be secured prior to any serious storm, caused major damage to some of the Port of New Orleans' nonfederal floodwalls. If the storm had been stronger, these vessels could have breached part of the canal's floodwalls, causing catastrophic flooding. Southern Scrap is barred from keeping any vessels in the canal until the hurricane season concludes.

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