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The Best and the Worst of the Week


The New Orleans Hornets
are back in the city for their first full season since the storm and are playing in the New Orleans Arena. Many speculated that Hornets' owner George Shinn would permanently relocate the team to Oklahoma City, the team's temporary home for two seasons. Not only are the Hornets back, they have gotten off to their best start ever and are one of the leading teams in the NBA's Western Conference.

Tulane University
construction crews began pouring concrete for a half-mile walking path on a section of the St. Roch Avenue neutral ground. The university's Partnership for an Active Community Environment (PACE) organized this community-led effort to help St. Roch residents become more physically active. The $450,000 project is being funded through a grant secured by PACE and by the City of New Orleans Office of Recovery Management.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
released new flood-risk maps in June, boasting that the risk of flooding in Lakeview and nearby neighborhoods in a 100-year storm fell by 5.5 feet after recent improvements. Then the Corps concluded that its calculations were off and flooding would be reduced by only 6 inches — and quietly corrected itself in the appendices of a large report without alerting the public. Then, last week, the Corps claimed it hadn't made a mistake after all. And we're supposed to feel safer now?

The Commission on Presidential Debates
rejected New Orleans' application to host a presidential debate — for the flimsiest of reasons. According to Anne Milling, a leading proponent of the city's proposal, commission co-chair Paul Kirk said New Orleans lost out because the city isn't ready to host such an event. Kirk's reasoning flies in the face of New Orleans being able to accommodate the Sugar Bowl, the BCS National Championship and the NBA All-Star game, all in the next few months.

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