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a group of Jazz Fest fans from across the country, have joined the grassroots organization Silence Is Violence to sponsor Fest4Kidz, which will raise money to send area students to the New Orleans Jazz Festival in 2008. Threadheads began as an online chat community celebrating the Jazz Fest and New Orleans music. After Hurricane Katrina, the group raised $6,000 for the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic. Threadheads and Silence Is Violence are seeking online contributions at

Baptist Community Ministries
last week announced a $3.2 million grant for the Greater New Orleans Immunization Network. BCM founded the network nearly a decade ago to address the low number of immunized children in Louisiana by educating parents about the importance of immunizations and promoting timely innoculations in children up to age 18. The network helped restore local doctors' records and provided parents with histories of their children's immunizations after Hurricane Katrina.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
donated a second temporary library facility to the Jefferson Parish Library last week at Lakeshore Library in Metairie. The foundation previously donated a temporary facility in Gretna as part of a $12.2 million commitment to help libraries in the Gulf region recover from the 2005 hurricanes. Both Jefferson facilities will offer free wireless Internet service to the public. The foundation also will provide funds for three years to cover operating expenses such as payroll and utilities.

New Orleans DA Eddie Jordan
dropped the ball again last week when his office dismissed multiple first-degree murder charges against Michael Anderson, 20, who allegedly killed five people last summer in Central City. The DA's office claimed prosecutors could not find a key witness in the case, but one day later, New Orleans cops found the witness and produced her at a news conference. Mayor Ray Nagin rightly blasted Jordan and called for an attorney general's investigation into the DA's office.

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