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NEWS-Boxes 10-17-06

BOUQUET Louisiana Children's Museum last week celebrated 20 years of Òconnecting families through playÓ by honoring its many patrons and contributors. Over the years, the museum has housed innovative exhibits exploring such topics as the Holocaust (from a childÕs point of view), journeys through the human body and the current exhibit featuring the world of Dr. Seuss. In 2004, the first Zagat publication of U.S. family attractions listed the Louisiana ChildrenÕs Museum as the top childrenÕs museum in its survey.

BOUQUET Dominion Exploration and Production Co. provided nearly 75 volunteer employees to help restore City Park Botanical Gardens last Tuesday. Dominion workers removed post-Katrina debris, engineered earthworks, improved landscaping, planted trees and shrubs, installed pathways and refurbished existing structures. Dominion is fielding similar projects at 19 locations in 14 states. The companyÕs environmental improvement program is in its seventh year.

BOUQUET Susan Panzavecchia, a teacher at Alice M. Birney Elementary School in Metairie, was named a 2006 recipient of the $25,000 Milken National Educator Award last week. The award, granted annually by the Milken Family Foundation, came as a surprise to Panzavecchia at a school assembly attended by state education officials, students, faculty and local leaders. ÒMrs. PÕsÓ style is so admired that some of her fellow teachers have been known to make photocopies outside her fourth-grade classroom just to listen to her teach.

BRICKBAT-BRICKBAT Judge Charles Elloie of Criminal District Court in New Orleans was suspended by the Louisiana Supreme Court last week pending final determination of more than 50 complaints against him for improperly if not illegally paroling persons accused of crimes ranging from domestic violence to aggravated rape. One study concluded that Elloie accounted for more than 35 percent of all Òrelease on recognizanceÓ bonds issued at Criminal Court over a period of more than five years. Elloie also refused to respond to many of the complaints.


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