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The Best and the Worst of the Week


The American Library Association,
the first major convention to visit New Orleans since Katrina, is bolstering the economy by bringing more than 17,000 people to its annual meeting here. ALA members also are helping with an "extreme makeover" of the Children's Resource Center of the city's public library and have supported restocking and reopening Louisiana libraries closed since Katrina and Rita.

Patrick Surtain,
an all-pro defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans native, hosted the first annual "Patrick Surtain Up Lift New Orleans" charity weekend June 23-25. The weekend of activities was designed to inspire and improve the quality of life for at-risk youth in New Orleans by giving them athletic programs filled with messages of educational, social and economic empowerment.

Tom Blakey,
Jack Sullivan, Frank Tuttle and Ronnie Abboud, all volunteers at the National World War II Museum, were recently honored by The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for their educational work as the core of the museumÕs speakers bureau. Blakey, Sullivan and Tuttle are veterans of World War II. Abboud, who serves as informal leader of the speakers bureau, served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era and with the 159th Fighter Group of the Louisiana Air National Guard.

Judges Wayne Cresap and William Roe,
of St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes, respectively, face fines and other forms of official discipline for their conduct relating to trials involving Louisiana oystermen. The Louisiana Judiciary Commission found that Cresap failed to remain neutral and let his courtroom get "out of control" during a recusal hearing. The commission concluded that Roe inappropriately made public comments about the case over which he presided while it was still pending on appeal.

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