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The Louisiana Department of Insurance saved Louisiana residents millions Ñ and provided them needed coverage Ñ last week when the department enacted an emergency Emergency Rule 23. The rule forces insurance companies to maintain commercial and residential policies at their current rates until policy holders can make necessary repairs to their dwellings. BOUQUET

Landmark Canal Place Cinema announced last week that it plans to reopen its doors Feb. 10. Among many other inconveniences during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has been a dearth of quality independent and/or foreign films, and the moviehouseÕs scheduled return is welcome news indeed. BOUQUET

The Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation, an initiative of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, is collecting donations for artists, musicians and artisans affected by Katrina. The Foundation is accepting grant applications from individual artists, small businesses and cultural organizations to preserve and develop the stateÕs cultural community. Visit for guidelines.

BRICKBAT Kenner Mayor Phil Capitano and his dad, Phil Capitano Jr.,

had a tough time explaining how the elder Capitano bought 40 pieces of Kenner property at a tax sale for about $10,000 last week Ñ in apparent violation of the state ethics code. The mayorÕs dad was first in line at the sale and thus, under Kenner rules, had first dibs on all the properties up for sale. He bought all but one. The mayor says itÕs pure coincidence, but his pop happened to know exactly how much was owed on the properties, and he had a check made out for precisely that amount.

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