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Justin Bates, Curtis Colley, Nelson Lemieux and Aaron Phipps ,
all graduates of the New Orleans Center for Science and Math, were featured in a short documentary film by Microsoft Corp. as examples of young achievers "who are using Microsoft software to realize their potential." The film is highlighted on Microsoft's Web page and was directed by Oscar-winning documentarian Jessica Yu.

Loyola University theater students and faculty
won an Award of Excellence at the Louisiana Theatre Festival for their production of the Lillian Hellman play The Children's Hour. The play's director, Anne Kauffman, and several members of the cast and crew also won individual honors at last month's festival, including accolades in production, acting, makeup design and audio design.

Louisiana Senate Secretary Mike Baer
apologized for his election-night statement that black voting precincts were especially likely not to "get their numbers just right." Baer made the remark during election coverage on WAFB-TV Baton Rouge, which later denounced the remark and apologized to its viewers. The comment came as Baer explained why he believed the votes for the governor's race might have to be recounted.

Mayor Ray Nagin
played fast and loose with state law forbidding public funds or equipment from being used to influence voters in a political election, when he posted his endorsement of gubernatorial hopeful Bobby Jindal on the city's official Web site. There, Nagin praised Jindal and criticized Jindal's opponent, eventual winner Kathleen Blanco, as having "no specific plan for improving the future of New Orleans."

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