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announced the final figures of its annual "Instruments A Comin'" benefit, a collaborative effort of musicians, artists, restaurants, businesses and other organizers to provide instruments to the Carter G. Woodson Learning Academy and Eleanor McMain Secondary School bands. About 800 people attended the April 28 event, raising $21,179. New Orleans Music Exchange owner Jimmy Glickman last week began to buy the instruments.

ArtSpot Productions,
a New Orleans nonprofit group dedicated to producing original performance pieces, won a Village Voice Obie Award for its New York production of Nita and Zita. Obies are awarded for excellence in Off and Off-Off-Broadway theater. Written and directed by Lisa D'Amour, the play premiered in New Orleans and stars Katie Pearl and Kathy Randels as two wildly eccentric sisters and showgirls.

Judge C. Hunter King
likely faces sanctions by the state Judiciary Commission for forcing staffers to work on his 2002 campaign during work hours. A commission report says the Civil District Court judge violated judicial conduct by ordering employees to sell at least 20 fundraiser tickets or make a donation to his campaign, and also by selling the tickets himself. King admitted to the improprieties, and to lying under oath, at a commission hearing in March.

still ranks among the bottom states in the country in teacher pay, according to a recent survey by the National Education Association. Although the state boosted teachers' pay by 8.1 percent over the 2001-2002 school year, Louisiana's average teacher salary of $36,328 was ranked 45th in the nation and remains below the southeast region's average of $39,711. The increase helped boost Louisiana up from No. 47 last year.

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