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The Best and the Worst of the Week


Science & Engineering Associates Inc. (SEA)
has voted to move its headquarters from Albuquerque to New Orleans. The company, which has 450 permanent employees and more than 300 full-time subcontracted workers, will become one of Louisiana's largest information technology companies. SEA president Bobby Savoie, a Louisiana native, and the SEA board of directors agreed Jan. 23 to make the move. SEA has been instrumental in providing IT-related projects to federal agencies.

NOPD officers and State Police
recently broke up a large dogfighting ring in eastern New Orleans and arrested 16 people on charges of dogfighting, criminal trespass and flight from an officer. Seventh District officers, responding to a complaint of suspicious people in a truck container yard, confiscated more than $6,000 in cash, three handguns and dogfighting paraphernalia including a wooden fighting pit, according to the NOPD. State Police assisted in the raid.

NOPD officers
responsible for maintaining evidence at police headquarters destroyed items of evidence key to at least three open criminal cases, Police Chief Eddie Compass acknowledged last week. The evidence was apparently destroyed during a cleaning of the Central Evidence and Property Room before Compass took office. Compass has pledged to discipline any officers involved and to take steps to prevent such a breach in the future.

The Environmental Protection Agency's Region 6
provided insufficient oversight of Louisiana and "could not assure the public that Louisiana was protecting the environment," the EPA's Inspector General said in a report issued last week. The Dallas-based Region 6 office failed to communicate measurable goals for its oversight of the state, did not hold Louisiana accountable for meeting goals or commitments, and did not assure that data of poor quality was corrected, the report said.

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