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Christian Brothers' chess team,
composed of eight seventh-graders at the all-boys local Catholic school, recently won the National Scholastic Chess Championship in Dallas. Says Coach John Parsons: "Chess teaches kids general concentration and mental toughness."

Faye Lasseigne,
an 18-year resident of the Pontalba Apartments on Jackson Square, has been honored for her work helping people with mental illness manage their federal assistance payments and find decent housing. Lasseigne, 72, is the first recipient of the Needs-of-People award, presented by the nonprofit advocacy group Money Management Advocacy Council.

Richard J. Stillman,
Colonel USA Ret., was honored with the 2001 General Patton award at a recent ceremony at the General Patton Memorial Museum in Chiriaco Summit, Calif. Stillman, a University of New Orleans professor of management emeritus, served as an aide to Patton and was singled out in part for his historical writing about World War II.

Walter Smith,
executive director for the State Police Retirement System, violated the state ethics code by receiving two nights of lodging each from a retirement system vendor, Paine Webber, and a potential vendor, Investment Research Company, for separate official trips in 1999, the Louisiana Ethics Board ruled. Smith's violation is but one of a string of ethical lapses at State Police in 2001.

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