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The Bad Off CD-release Party


New Orleans rockers the Bad Off play dark and sparkly glam-punk that manages to be both ethereal and shot through with electric currents of testosterone. Live shows seem teleported from the Sunset Strip circa 1987, with the kind of pummeling, screeching energy that recalls Guns n'Roses, the band they're most often compared to. The latest album, and the first with drummer Keith Hajjar (of the other local hair-metal fan club Rock City Morgue), seems to tentatively plumb greater depths than just the same old skinny-boys-in-spangled-scarves style would allow. There are still manic rockers like the opening track 'Bomb Drop," which radiates hedonistic joy, but also dreamier, more hypnotic numbers that seem to float just above the rock 'n' roll fray. At points, lead singer Erik Corriveaux experiments with channeling Richard Hell's spare punk indignance. Tickets $10. " Alison Fensterstock

10 p.m. Sun., Jan. 20

One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St., 569-8361;


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