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Nouvelle Lune


Are you aware that it's possible to create an elegant piece of furniture from rusty car parts? I wasn't, until I stepped into Nouvelle Lune (938 Royal St., 908-1016), where local artists display unique and compelling artwork made from repurposed junkyard items.   

  "Yes, Benjamin (Bullins) made that out of antiquated car ramps," co-owner and featured artist Linda Berman says, gesturing at the finely crafted jewelry case. "He also built a table out of a fedora, an old keyboard and a shoe."

  These odd, eye-catching creations were exactly what Bergen and her business partner, Georgette Fortino, had in mind when they opened Nouvelle Lune last September. Until then, Fortino used the space to purvey fine arts under the name P.K. Gallery, but her admiration of close friend Berman's artwork, which is made of recycled materials, led the two to focus on a niche. "We have yet to advertise ... but the shop has still been very positively received by both tourists and locals, and is already doing better than P.K.," Fortino says.

  Laid-back and breezy, the shop features more than 20 local artists, including David Bergeron, Michael Guidry, Tony Nozero, Kelly R. Guidry, Kiki Huston and Tress Turner. Nouvelle Lune offers paintings, furniture and other decorative items, as well as one-of-a-kind jewelry.

  "What's so appealing about Nouvelle Lune is the fact that the work is very New Orleans-inspired, and it is also highly affordable for an art gallery on Royal," Berman says. Prices range from $60 for a piece of jewelry to $2,600 for the most expensive artwork, and paintings average between $200-$300. — Alex Pence

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